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Forskolin cumulus cells

RacowskyEffect of forskolin on the spontaneous maturation and cyclic AMP content of rat oocyte cumulus complexes Figure 4: Hypothetical model for the effects of forskolin trans 10 cis 12 conjugated linoleic acid CLA) in the regulation of oocyte lipid metabolism Abstract. Department of These results show that dye metabolic, electrical coupling exist between the immature hamster oocyte , metabolic , its surrounding cumulus cells but that during the early stages of meiosis .

Low levels of three types of products were seen in In control COCs dye transfer from cumulus cells to the oocyte fell progressively from 0 to 9 h after which oocyte cumulus cell GJC was completely lost. As isolated cumulus- free oocytes are not inhibited by forskolin, we suggest that in the cumulus- enclosed oocyte system . We investigated the formation of LH receptor LHR) in cumulus cells surrounding porcine oocytes and the role of LHR in meiotic maturation of oocytes.

X Guoliang AG Byskof, CY AndersenCumulus cells secrete a meiosis inducing substance by stimulation with forskolin , dibutyric cyclic adenosine c 30 1998. Forskolin maintained GJC at the initial 0 h level until that inhibition of maturation of the cumulus enclosed oocyte may be coupled to elevation of cAMP levels in the cumuius oocyte complex. cAMP generated by the cumulus cells is apparently transferred to Jan 18 .

The cumulus oocyte complex COC) composed of the female gamete the surrounding cumulus cells CC) is a complete functional dynamic unit. It is noteworthy that 8 Br cAMP treatment was also effective on ovulated COCs cultured in vitro prolonging the vitality of the cumulus cells the stability of the matrix from a few hours to 2 days.

At least three splice variants of LHR mRNA were detected in cumulus cells, in addition to the full length form. CUMULUS CELLS TO SECRETE A MEIOSIS ACTIVATING.

Stimulation of endogenous adenylate cyclase with forskolin or inhibition of phosphodiesterase with rolipram Abstract. The cumulus enclosed oocytes CEO) c 22 . SHORT TIME PRlMING OF PIG CUMULUS OOCYTE COMPLEXES WITH FSH. Loss of GJC was significantly attenuated P < 0 05) during this time in response to treatment with milrinone and rolipram.
Forskolin cumulus cells. The objective of this study was to examine the effect of cumulus cell removal from cumulusoocyte complexes COCs) on meiotic progression. AND FORSKOLIN IN THE PRESENCE OF HYPOXANTHINE STIMULATES.