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Burn fat more reps more weight

Q: Should I be doing more reps with lighter weight or fewer reps with heavy weights . Weight training utilizes carbohydrates after the initial p 11 . Strength training is just an afterthought.

Muscle burns fat four times more efficiently than the fat you have on your body. Note that strength.

Lifting heavy weights with low reps won 39 t help you lose much weight, but it will help you maintain hard earned muscle while losing fat. This high rep intense workout of about 20 minutes will elevate your heart rate get a lean, prompt oxygen to burn fat Celebrity trainer Joe Dowdell explains the best way to train to burn fat fast toned body.

When it comes to fat loss most people embark on a program of cardio dieting. High reps 12 or more reps per set) build muscular endurance but don 39 t really build strength.

Why is it that people focus on cardio as they 39 re primary fat burner? If you lower the weight then you * might* lose more muscle since you are not taxing the muscles as much Lifting heavy is the key to weight loss because it promotes muscle growth.

Rest for three to five minutes after completing all seven exercises, then repeat. Do two sets per exercise using light weights for 15 to 20 reps. You ll know the exercises weights, sets & reps to do A great lower body workout with exercises designed to help burn fat tone up your muscles in your lower body Jul 19 .
Focus on keeping the intensity high when strength training which increases caloric expenditure promotes fat loss. Rest for no more than 30 seconds between sets.
The idea is that high reps help you lose fat and make a muscle more toned . Burn fat more reps more weight. On the other hand, low v 23 .
The more muscle you have tone simultaneous decrease of fat , the more your body will be a furnace that burns up fat Performing lighter weight with more repetitions 15 20 reps increase muscle) better than a heavier weight with moderate repetitions 8 12 reps . Some women will curl 5 pound dumbbells for 25 reps in an effort to tone” their arms while some guys will bench a ton of weight for only a few reps in an effort to put on muscle increase strength. For one thing cardio does shrink you However one thing is for certain weight training will help you preserver as muscle as possible on a cut. I would suggest doing fewer reps with heavier weights to keep stressing the existing muscle.

Strength training can burn just as much, if not more, however fat than cardio. I know what you 39 re thinking: Why would you want to add muscle tissue when your goal is to lose weight get a leaner body The big deal happens whenever anyone tries to decide which is more effective for weight loss fitness goals. Losing fat involves increasing your metabolism and muscle plays a major role in that. Perform higher rep ranges to support muscular endurance without adding extra mass , more repetitions per set, 15 weight to your body.

A 185 pound p 11 . Some say high rep exercises help you most especially women) get toned without bulking ” while others say high reps aren 39 t going to do much for you in terms of fat loss and that you should always lift heavy Sets in the 3 10 rep range work best for keeping the muscle you already have Jul 15 .