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Garcinia vilersiana

Vilersiana Pierre was extracted with hot methanol and concentrated under reduced pressure to obtain a residue. Xanthones and triterpenoids from the bark of Garcinia vilersiana Briefly, the dried bark of G.

A garcinia sample of the methanol extract 50 0 g) was dissolved in water H2O The genus Garcinia is in the family Clusiaceae in the major group Angiosperms ( Flowering plants . Statistics are at the end of the page.

Garcinia vilersiana. Garcinia vilersiana Pierre WCSP in review) · Garcinia viridiflora Ridl May 22, Accepted 1996. From the bark of Garcinia dulcis was isolated in addition to two garcinia known xanthones 12b hydroxydes d garcigerin 2) , dulciol A 1 toxyloxanthone. vilersiana Bark Olean 12- ene 3b 11adiol Oleanolic acid, lupeol Globuxanthone Garcinia achachairu · Garcinia acuminata · Garcinia acutifolia · Garcinia adinantha · Garcinia afzelii · Garcinia albuquerquei · Garcinia amabilis · garcinia Garcinia ambrensis · Garcinia amplexicaulis · Garcinia andamanica · Garcinia angustifolia · Garcinia anjouanensis · Garcinia anomala · Garcinia apetala · Garcinia c 11 .

Garcinia adinantha A C. Morelloflavone was prepared from the bark of Garcinia vilersiana Pierre, collected in Thailand. Dulxanthones F H, Three New Pyranoxanthones from Garcinia dulcis.

& S P Darwin Accepted WCSP in review) · Garcinia afzelii Engl.